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12th - 19th April 2014

The game jam has ended.

Well done to everyone who participated!

See the Game Entries here!


  • You have 1 week to make a game

  • Teams are allowed but not mandatory

  • Maximum people on a team is 5

  • Assets you have previously made are allowed, don't steal assets unless public domain or properly attributed

  • The jam starts with the theme announcement at the opening meetup

  • The jam ends at 4pm on the 19th

  • Submission of the game is online through email

  • Game presentations at final meetup where we will vote on the games and declare a winner

  • Winners get the satisfaction of being the winner!

Game Play Meetup on the 19th

Location: The Pavilion, UL

Limerick Game Jam

Ever wanted to build your own Game? Ever thought it could be done in a week? Well it can happen here at the Limerick Game Jam. This is how it works, you get a theme at the start and then build a game. Any kind of game, video, board, card, no skill set required just creativity and the will to do it! Once it's all over we share our games with each other and learn from our failures or successes. Who knows, maybe even the game you make could go on to be something you ship commercially. It wouldn't be the first time!

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Lose to Win

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